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17 February 2008 @ 11:42 am
Cast updates  
First, I want to say happy early birthdays to following: Park Shin Hye (Feb 18th), Heo Yi Jae (Feb 19th) and Kang Du (Feb 27th)!

Se7en: Se7en is currently in the States working hard on his U.S. debut. Recently it's been reported that a well known producer, Darkchild is working with him. Also, Far East Movement and Three 6 Mafia have been said to be guest artists on his album. For more info on Se7en visit 7radishkimchi

Heo Yi Jae: HYJ will be starring in a new drama called 싱글파파는 열애중 (Single Papa in Love/Single Dad in Love) with Oh Ji Ho. The drama will air on KBS2 every Monday & Tuesday at 9:55PM (Korea Standard Time); first episode starts on February 18, 2008 (which is tonight).

Also, I think HYJ's recent physical change (ie. getting thinner) might be caused by the stress from Goong S' criticisms. ._. She didn't directly say that, but I'm guessing that's what's been affecting her lately. She emphasized how she wanted to do better in future works - including this drama in interviews. >< I hope she takes better care of herself. Heo Yi Jae fighting~

A really basic outline of everyone's roles:

Oh Ji Ho will play as a single father with An Do Gyu as his child. Oh Ji Ho is a pest exterminator by day, and a boxer by night. Kang Seong Yeon is the mother who decided to focus on other things that are important to her. Heo Yi Jae will play a medical student and unexpectedly comes into the family's life. Shindong (from Super Junior) will be Oh Ji Ho's close friend/brother since they both grew up at the same orphanage.

You can read the plot and character roles in-depth here.

;_; An Do Gyu is absolutely adorable!

Arirang Showbiz Extra - Photoshoot (with English subs!)

The cast on Sang Sang Plus

Official site
Soompi thread (for more updates)

Park Shin Hye: From the MBC Drama Awards 2007, PSH received a Family award (I'm assuming it's a supportive role). Congrats!

Kang Du: ?_? Still MIA.

As for the others, not much news have been reported ^^;;
aintno_twinkie on February 25th, 2008 08:14 pm (UTC)
Happy Birthday HYJ, PSH and Kangdoo! ^^

I hope HYJ will do well with the new drama and
will take care of her health T T~

Congrats PSH, but WHY is she dressed like a 50+?
I don't like her hair either, lol

Aaaand...Kangdoo, come in action now! xD

Oh Se7en~