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10 January 2008 @ 08:38 pm
Happy 1st Anniversary 궁s~  

Thank you PD Hwang, Se7en, Heo Yi Jae, Kang Du, Park Shin Hye and the rest of the cast and staff for putting a lot of work into this drama. Even though it was not a success, the drama had a lot of potential. It has its strong and weak points just like any other series. However, I'm sure everyone did try their best to contribute putting this production together. Despite all the controversies and criticisms, I'm sure this drama was a good learning experience for everyone. I think it helped some people realized what was good and what areas that needed improvement. Although we may be in minority for supporting Goong S, at least there people who appreciate the drama and its effort.

Well, good luck to everyone on their future projects. I hope they will have a reunion together again some day. ^^


Se7en practicing skateboarding/training: http://www.veoh.com/videos/v272166NReSGCSj

Goong S staff/cast play a game of eating spicy foods. Whoever doesn't finish has to pay up.

LOL Heo Yi Jae & Se7en both sing into the speakers when they're in cars:

Heo Yi Jae riding in the car (ep. 16)

Se7en driving (ep 20)

Se7en in tights

Nosebleed scene - Se7en forgets the handkerchief x]

Making the kissing scene in ep 16

Ep. 5 + 6 - Se7en & PSH + Se7en & HYJ
;x Se7en was teasing PSH in the beginning and then finds out it's PSH's first kiss and he says, "Sorry, sorry~"

credits: group8tv.com

;-; My favorite fanvid of Hoo & Soon Yi:

More tributes/fanvids can be found here
(new killer star) のえみ。kororin on February 4th, 2008 01:31 pm (UTC)
Happy 1st anniversary to one of my all time favourite dramas! ^__-