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21 May 2008 @ 01:13 am
A nice montage of Hoo & Soon Yi~ Also includes subs to the music and dialogue ^^

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Fanmade Music Videos
11 May 2008 @ 10:28 pm

Se7en to Join an American Cable Program

Korean idol singer Se7en may expand his career in the U.S. to acting. A publicist with RQM, a marketing firm overseeing Se7en’s career in America, joined a press conference by Se7en to announce that Se7en has a plan to debut as a supporting actor in an American cable TV program sometime in July or August. The publicist said that his firm will do all it can to get Se7en’s American career off to a good start. The Korean pop singer plans to not only pursue his music career in the U.S., but also explore his chances in modeling and acting.

Se7en has already debuted as actor in Korea, starring in drama “Gung S.” Although the drama failed to garner good ratings and was criticized for falling short of the prequel “Gung,” it was a new venture that opened wide other possibilities for Se7en. Perhaps the less-than-desirable outcome of his first acting role is driving him to do better in his next project. He is out to prove that he is not only a not musician, but also a promising actor.

Following the successful preview parties in New York and Los Angeles, Se7ven plans to release a regular album in July or August. It appears the year 2008 is going to be a really busy one for this aspiring actor.

credit: KBS World

For more updates on Se7en, visit 7radishkimchi


SBS Inkigayo appoints Heo Yi Jae and Eun Ji Won as new MCs

Singer Eun Ji Won who has been really popular in KBS “2D1N” variety and actress Heo Yi Hae will become the new MCs for SBS Inkigayo music program.

Both of them will usher in the new summer season in the 11th May episode of SBS Inkigayo. This will be the first change since using Kim Hee Chul in November 2007. They were forced to look for new MCs after Kim Hee Chul’s injury kept him on the sidelines. During their search, they decided on Eun Ji Won who has been enjoying a surge in popularity and Heo Yi Jae as their new MCs.

SBS Inkigayo has kept to it’s history of using a singer-actress/actor pairing for it’s MC positions. Previous pairings include, Andy and Han Hyo Joo, Andy and Goo Hye Sun, Kim Hee Chul and Jang Geun Seuk, Kim Hee Chul and Song Ji Hyo.

credit: Coolsmurf Domain

HYJ really looks good on Inkigayo. ^^ She even sang and danced for a little bit.

I'll be uploading MC cuts here: http://dailymotion.com/starcrystal
23 April 2008 @ 11:42 pm
I need your help!

I'm doing a presentation in my inter-cultural communication class that has to do with Korean Pop Culture. I'll have about 5 minutes to do my presentation and I would like to talk about music (most popular song?) , movies & dramas (most popular actors?) , and other cool tidbits.

So, whats the hottest thing in Korea right now? Who can help? I'd love to talk to you all about it. I'm even on AIM: spankyelmunkee, or MSN: onlinefreak@hotmail.com, Or Yahoo!: daisy11383

LoL, can you see i'm desperate. I have a few weeks to do this, but I want to get started right away. Wee! I'm so excited!


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17 February 2008 @ 11:42 am
First, I want to say happy early birthdays to following: Park Shin Hye (Feb 18th), Heo Yi Jae (Feb 19th) and Kang Du (Feb 27th)!

Se7en: Se7en is currently in the States working hard on his U.S. debut. Recently it's been reported that a well known producer, Darkchild is working with him. Also, Far East Movement and Three 6 Mafia have been said to be guest artists on his album. For more info on Se7en visit 7radishkimchi

Heo Yi Jae: HYJ will be starring in a new drama called 싱글파파는 열애중 (Single Papa in Love/Single Dad in Love) with Oh Ji Ho. The drama will air on KBS2 every Monday & Tuesday at 9:55PM (Korea Standard Time); first episode starts on February 18, 2008 (which is tonight).

Also, I think HYJ's recent physical change (ie. getting thinner) might be caused by the stress from Goong S' criticisms. ._. She didn't directly say that, but I'm guessing that's what's been affecting her lately. She emphasized how she wanted to do better in future works - including this drama in interviews. >< I hope she takes better care of herself. Heo Yi Jae fighting~

More about the dramaCollapse )

Park Shin Hye: From the MBC Drama Awards 2007, PSH received a Family award (I'm assuming it's a supportive role). Congrats!

Kang Du: ?_? Still MIA.

As for the others, not much news have been reported ^^;;
10 January 2008 @ 08:38 pm

Thank you PD Hwang, Se7en, Heo Yi Jae, Kang Du, Park Shin Hye and the rest of the cast and staff for putting a lot of work into this drama. Even though it was not a success, the drama had a lot of potential. It has its strong and weak points just like any other series. However, I'm sure everyone did try their best to contribute putting this production together. Despite all the controversies and criticisms, I'm sure this drama was a good learning experience for everyone. I think it helped some people realized what was good and what areas that needed improvement. Although we may be in minority for supporting Goong S, at least there people who appreciate the drama and its effort.

Well, good luck to everyone on their future projects. I hope they will have a reunion together again some day. ^^

Some behind the scenes from the dramaCollapse )
10 January 2008 @ 07:15 pm
Just putting everything together in one entry.

Goong S OST [20 tracks]

Other featured Songs:

Se7en - Promise
Lee Eun Mi - I Have a Lover
Se7en - Believe (used in the Japanese version)

Romanized & translated lyrics for the above songs: here

Infinity of Sound (trio group played in Ep 5)
Infinity of Sound - Spring
Infinity of Sound - A Million Blossoms of a Rose (not in the drama, but also a good song xD)


Lee Hoo
Oppa, did you order jajajangmyun? (used in the drama)
All 3 versions of Hoo's ringtone (original, sexy, and assa! versions)

Soon Yi
Daydream - Stepping on the Rainy Street (used in the drama)
Daydream - Stepping on the Rainy Street (the original song)

Another song was featured in the drama, but only 10 seconds of it was played. But if you like rock/punk music, add Vanilla Unity to your collection~

Vanilla Unity - Hero


[OFFLINE] Jinusean ft. Uhm Jung Hwa - Mal Hae Jo (Tell Me) - Hoo & the gang were karaoking to this song before Hoo's departure

And that one instrumental that's by 2nd Moon and not on OST has not been officially released, so sorry if any of you wanted that song. TT;

If want to request some other music from the drama (ie. Songs they sang in the drama like YG songs or something) or want me to reupload, let me know.
23 November 2007 @ 04:00 pm
Some recent pics from October where he promoted Goong S in Thailand.

Read more...Collapse )

Sporting a watch brand during the drama

He changed his style a lot from The Jadu days (former member of the band). Kang Du use to be on a lot of variety shows like X-Man and other popular shows at the time (2005?) He was also on Happy Share Company ;x I want to see that~ I think he's quite underrated. If more people saw him in those shows, they'll get to see more of his personality.

(on the right)

Read more...Collapse )

Here's him beating Rain at arm wrestling!

Starts at 3:13 to 5:10

Streaming links for variety showsCollapse )

Also, his presence while singing/performing is quite different from acting. He has a nice singing voice ^^; There are some old Jadu perfs/MVs on YouTube as well.
10 November 2007 @ 04:00 am
It took a -long- while to gather the lyrics and then suddenly Firefox shuts down on me! sfiojsdpfo T__T!! Argh.. and I had to start over again.. Anyway, I hope this will be of some use to you guys. All songs have been translated.

> > > [Goong S OST]

02. Miracle - HowL
Romanization + TranslationCollapse )

03. 전하지 못할 말 - J (Jun ha ji mot hal mahl; Words I Couldn't Say)
Romanization + TranslationCollapse )

04. 나무 – A&P (Namu; Tree)
Romanization + TranslationCollapse )

05. Remember - Dong Bang Shin Ki
Romanization + TranslationCollapse )

06. 너와 함께 - Vanilla Unity (Neo wa Ham kke; With You)
Romanization + TranslationCollapse )

07. Super bike - Yellow Tail
Romanization + TranslationCollapse )

08. 사랑바라기 - SOREA (Sarangbaragi; Wanting Love)
Romanization + TranslationCollapse )

09. 좋아좋아 - Vanilla Unity (Joh-a Joh-a; Like Like)
Romanization + TranslationCollapse )

> > > [Other songs featured in the drama]

Promise - Se7en
Romanization + TranslationCollapse )

애인 있어요 - Lee Eun Mi (Ae-in Iss-eo-yo; I Have a Lover)
Romanization + TranslationCollapse )

Believe - Se7en (used in the Japanese broadcast of the drama)
Romanization + TranslationCollapse )
05 November 2007 @ 09:27 pm

Posting for the first time in this community. ^__-
I've become more and more addicted to Goong S lately, and i went on making some animated gifs from random episodes. Even if they're not amazing, i thought it would have been nice to share ^__-


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02 November 2007 @ 10:54 pm
Posted November 3, 2007

Se7en and Hwang In-roe PD met again!

The friendship between Se7en and Director Hwang In-roe, which they had during "Palace S," was evident when the two dined last November 2. After the filming of "Palace S," Se7en and Director Hwang did not have time meet because of the former's US debut preparations.

This meeting was actually a spontaneous one. Se7en called Director Hwang and requested if they could meet.

Director Hwang obliged and the two dined and talked for 3 hours. Director Hwang, who is currently preparing for his new drama, "Iljimae," which stars Lee Jun Ki, expressed his excitement for Se7en's US debut.

Se7en is set to be back again in the US to finish the production of his US album.

credits: newsen + http://z12.invisionfree.com/Se7enth_Heaven/